How We Do

Our Delivery Framework Overview


Define - Design - Deliver



The YDP team consults with the client on various parameters to strategize each campaign at the inception. We identify the campaign purpose, target group demographics, target market, target verticals, market drivers, budget, timelines & expected outcomes. Our team of a Project Manager & researchers analyze the parameters to enhance the campaign output with an added layer of expert intelligence. The result is submitted for client review before design phase kick-off.


A campaign calendar is designed based on the finalized parameters. The calendar provides a blueprint into all aspects of the campaign with a timeline view. The calendar is followed closely at all stages with regular feedback & analysis. This phase enables smooth campaign performance to obtain the agreed outcomes. The design phase sets off campaign go-live.




The campaign is executed post client approval. Periodic calibrations certify that the campaign is aligned to the expected outcomes. Campaign performance is measured on a daily & weekly basis through an operational performance report. In-depth analytics ensure that the campaign results are delivered through campaign re-positioning strategy.

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