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B2B Marketer's Ultimate Guide to Account-Based Marketing

ABM Guide 2020
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The rise of “inbound” methodologies surpassing “outbound” efforts brought a paradigm shift in the way marketing influenced revenues—especially in the realm of B2B. Not so long after, while “inbound” became a growth mantra, there’s something in the making behind the scenes.

Account-Based Marketing, a marketing practice that has “inbound” as its core but aims at one or many specific target accounts, has started to positively shake the ecosystem.

A FlipMyFunnel survey has found that companies using ABM generated 200% more revenue; ITSMA reported that companies with ABM in practice improved reputation 84% and inflated customer relationships 74% more.

And ABM’s positive impact is here to stay, as it’s been proving to be the magical mix of sales and marketing as companies with ABM keep reporting sustainable results.

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