5 Tactics To Build A Winning ABM Strategy

It’s really great that you’ve turned your heads at ABM and your Sales and marketing team have collectively made a strategy for ABM. accounts need to be targeted, content needs to be offered and anything and everything is ready and BOOM!

But, hey let us take a breather before you rocket into the execution mode, you should know the tactics needed to engage with your target accounts.

Tactic #1:

Engage target accounts with social media

In short, Social media is a boon for you to engage with target accounts. You can target ideal prospects and monitor them without being face to face with them.

Let’s see how it works out.


People often post about their pain points in social media platforms. This is where you can target them by feeding them with relevant content. You can also move further by sending them personalised messages. But be sensible while doing it because, if you dump messages as soon as they start following you, it makes them feel annoyed and thus, it may turn worse for a relationship.


by knowing your target accounts, you can collect a lot of information about them through social media profiles. Liking, commenting and sharing make your target accounts believe that you are engaged with them. You can also monitor their activities on social media on how they are interacting with your content and you can change accordingly.

Tactic #2:

Feed them with educational content

The most tactical move in the game of ABM is to provide your target accounts with educational and interactive content like informative posts, webinars, blogs etc.

When someone has commented on your blog post, that means, the prospect is interactive with your content and this is where you can make further inroads with the content.

You can also send a small series of personalised emails to your target accounts with bits of content. Every email should vary according to the challenges faced by the prospect. Thus you are setting a stage up for further interactions.

Remember, spamming your target accounts is the worst thing you can do. So, make sure you know the line between personalised and creepy and DON'T CROSS IT!

Tactic #3:

Collaborate with third-party partners

You are prepared with all assets to launch the ABM campaign, but if you don’t have the contact details of decision-makers of the company you are targeting and you’ve never interacted with them and they are not following you on social media, then that’s a horror show for you and you leave yourself with no clue on how to proceed further.

Hence, make a move to work with third-party partners who have healthy relationships with your target accounts. Thus with the addition of content and target accounts by partners, your ABM campaign is well alive and kicking.

Tactic #4:

Host events for the target audience

Hosting the events is the best way you can proceed further. You can host large networking events and a series of small events in various cities.

It’s necessary that you conduct those events near the location of your target customers. Demographics help you to identify the perfect location in this case.

Large events make you target more accounts and thus your promotional strategy should be top-notch in order to get healthy attendance. Integrate your marketing and sales team to make perfect content for a wide reach.

Series of small events is the best way to reach the audience without spending a lot. From these events, you can target the required amount of prospects and the ROI with these events will be huge. This helps you to target audiences in a wide area throughout the cities.

Tactic #5:

Personalized emails to target accounts

This tactic is the easiest and most effective form of strategy you can implement to target customers. But at the same time, it’s like playing with fire. If the execution is poor, then it will surely backfire and leads the target account to delete your contact permanently.

Mention the name of the prospect and that’s where you create an impression in the mind of that target account. It’s important to send relevant content rather than showing off your company.

The best thing with the content you can do is, you can send it relevant and interactive. The worst thing was to dump him with your discount offers from the word go. 

The prospect fills out the forms in the hope of getting emails relevant to the content. If you break the thread with 5 emails a day with offers, discounts and creepy emails, remember, they don’t take a lot of time to opt for the unsubscribe button.

Despite a flurry of advantages, some companies are not in a mood to implement it. That’s because of many misconceptions surrounding the concept of ABM. Let's make an attempt to clear off any such misconceptions by exploring what's real and unreal about Account-Based Marketing:

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