5 Barriers To Implementing a Winning ABM Strategy

Of course, change is not easy to adapt.

ABM is starting to rise to its peak and as many marketing and sales teams are confined to their own tasks, it will take time for them to adapt to modern strategies.

The following are the most common barriers of ABM

Barrier #1:

Expecting the customers to engage every time

It’s not a mandatory rule in ABM that every contact you targeted, must engage with you. If you are targeting the audience with a piece of content, they may not click on the subscribe button. But at the least, the prospect is looking at the content, right?

So, it’s important to ensure that you always count on the number of impressions rather than no of clicks. It’s pretty obvious that different companies have different success rates.

Even if the prospects are not engaging enough, they will surely keep your brand name in the mind and they may be your future prospects.

Barrier #2:

Improper data

The bad data is a haunting prospect of all B2B marketers and it may affect your ABM campaign as well. If you don’t have accurate data of decision-makers you are going to target in a particular company, then ABM can’t stand as a success.

Your ABM strategy is only as good as your data and this is a problem with many organisations as they don’t have proper data of personnel to target. So, make sure that your data is needed to be structured and connected across all departments of your company.

Barrier #3:

Non-alignment between marketing and sales

ABM success depends on the integration of marketing and sales. If they are not aligned properly, then that will make up a big mess around.

There the blame game starts. The sales will blame marketer for targeting bad leads and marketer blames sales for improper engagement of customers. Thus, the fights and blames only leads to ABM failure. hence, make sure that sales and marketing are properly aligned and they both share similar thoughts and strategies on running the ABM campaign.

Barrier #4:

Inability to identify the right target accounts

It’s important for a marketing team to identify the importance of making out revenue rather than generating more leads like they were doing before. It’s not all about leads in ABM. it’s about those perfect accounts that turn out productive.

So you need to be clear on mind about real-world accounts and their demographics and problems those accounts are facing.

Barrier #5:

The need for more leads

The unending thirst of more leads will make marketing and sales to not effectively employ ABM. They are used to the traditional marketing system and they want the leads to be filled in large volumes.

Let me say, this is ABM and here it is like hunting the fish with the spear, you get to target those contacts who are highly productive. It’s better rather than hunting the leads, you should concentrate on present target accounts and then figure out how to drive a similar type of leads.

These are the common barriers that companies face while implementing ABM. Design an ABM campaign keeping these things in mind and make it a real winner.

So, now, what are the exact steps to take in order to launch an effective ABM strategy for your business?

Let's explore:

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