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A Step By Step Guide To Building A Winning ABM Strategy

Whether you are a starter or trying to rebound on the basic steps of ABM Strategy, then here we’ve designed a formidable step by step process to guide you through ABM and make best-in-class ABM strategy that outperforms every other.

Step #1:

Define a goal and strategy for ABM

Now that, you’ve made a team and is all set to launch an effective ABM campaign. Before going in detail, set some goals on what you want to achieve with ABM. your goals will define your strategy.

Thus, it’s important to sit and make some assumptions and get your team prepared to achieve it.

Step #2:

Set up a named account

Imagine, if a lead has shown interest in your product. Then, you need to chase the leads and colleagues of the lead as well and place them all in a specified account. It is called a Named account.

Named accounts are generally referred to as the building blocks of a focused marketing effort.

By creating the named accounts, you can

  • Avoid duplicate accounts

  • Identify all the decision-makers and make a marketing strategy accordingly

Step #3:

Provide content for the target accounts

After finding the target audience, you can feed them with the relevant content on offer. In ABM, you treat the entire market as one and hence create customised content that is specifically designed for the target audience. This should be well directed to the problem he’s facing and should act as a solution.

The advantage of ABM is that you can also identify key decision-makers of the company individually. Hence, make content relevant to them and target them as well.

You need to create content that directs your target accounts at each stage of your buyer’s journey.

At the awareness stage, you will have to provide the content that isn’t related to your sales in order to grab the attention of the target account and introduce that individual to your company.

At the interest and consideration stage, you have to provide the content that approaches the exact problem of the prospect and offer a solution to the specific problem/problems.

Finally, at the evaluation stage, you have to provide the content that assists with the executing process and thus the prospect thinks you as his choice for his/her needs.

Thus prepare the content accordingly and set the platforms to launch them.

Step #4:

Execute the campaigns

Identify the perfect channels to reach the prospects with the content. Once you’re done with that, it’s time to execute targeted campaigns.

Each campaign needs to be targeted to specific accounts. The content and messages each prospect receives should be designed in order to make the prospects believe that you’ve created it for them.

The content can be sent online and offline as well. Through online, you can send personalised emails or a series of emails with a different type of content in each phase.

Interact with the sales team and provide them with the much focused account-specific content where so it can assist them further in relationship building and thus help sales to close the leads easily.

Step #5:

Measure and analyse

In order to analyse how ABM campaign is performing, you need to analyse the engagements related to your website, emails and clicks. Create an analytics score that will help marketing and sales to know the status of the campaign.

For this, you can even use marketing automation software which saves your time and cuts the human factor which reduces the mistakes.

Step #6:

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation makes it easy for you to know the engagement of the prospect with your website so that you can interact with the prospect and make further inroads. Thus reduces delay and enhances professionalism.

The automation system can segment accounts demographically and differentiates them according to their criteria. The automation system can tailor your content according to the accounts and it sends relevant content to the right customer.

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Nov 18, 2022


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